Delta, Lære, Videreføre, Utvikle

Events in Stavanger: We Participated at the International Comedy Box Festival in Stavanger May 24-28. Feast sold and promoted its delicious Plantain chips, which is a healthy alternative to potato chips. It has no additives or artificial flavours. Our Jollof rice and beef Stew was also popular and sold out a couple of hours during the event!

You can learn more via: https://www.facebook.com/events/1157292937623859/

Social Cooking: We have African cuisines classes in collaboration with Socialcooking.no where students learn how to make various African yummy dishes and desserts from scratch through socializing and learning.

You can learn more via: https://www.socialcooking.no/teachers2016/#/ivy/

Ostehuset : We have courses at Ostehuset in relation to African food becoming the next gastronomic food. These courses are design to give foodies a different perspective of African Cuisine and its gastronomic trends and healthy benefits around the world.

You can learn more via: https://www.facebook.com/events/923312241099443/

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